Strike Industries 2017 Product Release

    California-based Strike Industries has released several videos detailing new products the company is bringing to the AR15 accessories market. We previously covered the Viper PDW stock and the cold hammer forged barrels that come in 10.3 and 16 inches earlier. Apart from the stock and barrels, Strike is coming out with an enhanced trigger guards called the Cobra and Fang. These are made from billet aluminum and come in a number of colors. They don’t swing down like many Mil-Spec trigger guards with the pop of a forward plunger (originally conceived to allow access to the trigger with a winter glove/mitten). The Cobra and Fang have index points for trigger fingers, perforated slots in the bottom (possibly for drainage of debris), and most interestingly a sort of magazine guide in front. This might run into issues with different profile magazines that don’t accommodate this feature. They retail from $23.95 to $25.95 depending on finish.

    Form meets function with the Strike Industries line of Aluminum trigger guards. Not only does the sculpted, billet aluminum trigger guard make your rifle stand out from the pack, it also provides real added value over the competition. The Cobra’s “hood” provides a hard index point off the trigger for safety and a convenient rest that is optimally placed for rapid re-engagement. The Fang feature from our popular polymer trigger guard is retained to help guide the magazine for faster, more consistent reloads.

    Strike is coming out with these Ultra-Light takedown pins. This looks to be more for the competitor trying to get every gram dropped from their rifle as much as possible. These retail between $15.95 and $16.95 and come in a number of finishes.

    Not pictured is Strike’s new muzzle brake and M-Lok handguard system. The muzzle brake is called the Warthog (spelling?), and is termed by Strike as a “High Efficiency, single chambered muzzle brake”. The company is going for a lower cost brake to compete. Next is the Strike Rail, with M-Lok on the 3,9,6, and 12 o’clock positions, with some segments of Picatinny, rails on top for front sights or other essential accessories. In addition, it has QD mounts on the 3 and 9 o’clock portions as well.


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