Lone Wolf Distributors Teasing Billet Glock Extractors

    Despite being bemoaned by many a “learned” firearms enthusiast MiM, or metal injection molding, is a common process used to create small parts. It is expensive to set up.  But when used in high-volume applications for small complex components, it can create cost-effective ready-to-go parts in just one go where machining billet is too costly. When done well. MiM has 99% of the strength as billet construction.

    This process was not lost on one Gaston Glock, who’s use of modern materials and processes produced the Glock that we all love to love (or hate). From injection molded frames, stamped rails, and various other cast components, typically only the barrel and slide are from “old” manufacturing techniques like forgings and billets.

    But, that does not mean there is not a market for well-machined billet parts. A classic example of this is the reasonably unreliable Remington 870 extractor who benefits from the better machining. So, it comes as no surprise to see Lone Wolf Distributors teasing a stainless steel billet Glock extractor for 9mm handguns.

    While Lone Wolf is not the first to the market with a billet replacement/upgrade, it’s arguable they might be the best, having been offering parts for the platform for over a decade. The new extractor is not yet ready for prime-time, but some lucky shooters were selected from Lone Wolf’s Facebook page to do some T&E.

    No word yet on price or availability, but knowing Lone Wolf, it will be widely available and value priced.


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