Grand Power Q100 Now Available in US

    Grand Power Q100

    Described by the company as a “all-purpose gun,” Eagle Imports announced that the Grand Power Q100 handgun was now shipping to dealersĀ in the United States of America.

    The Q100 is a double action only (DAO) striker fired pistol that uses the rotary locking system used in the company’s popular K100 model. Rotating barrel systems are said to reduce muzzle rise and improve accuracy as compared to a traditional Browning design. Beretta uses a similar rotating barrel design in the PX4 series of firearms.

    It is available in 9mm and has a stainless steel chassis that sits in a polymer grip frame. Grand Power makes no claims of modularity (like the SIG P320 system,) so I assume the chassis is permanently mounted in the grip in a manner similar to the M&P series of handguns from Smith & Wesson. This system would appear to offer the weight reduction associated with polymer use, but with the additional strength of stainless steel where it is needed most. The grip has interchangeable backstraps, and the gun’s controls are ambidextrous.

    Grand Power Q100

    Grand Power uses a 4.3″ barrel in the Q100 pistol. Overall this gun has an 8″ length. It is 5.3″ tall. Unloaded, it weighs 26.1 ounces.

    Like other Grand Power handguns, the Q100 is manufactured in Slovakia and imported into the US by Eagle Imports. Eagle Imports also handles the importation and distribution of other brands like Bersa.

    Eagle Imports announced the suggested retail price is $574. This includes a lifetime service contract on the gun.

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