Breaking: Rock Island Armory Teases the SF9

    Rock Island Armory posted some pictures to it’s Facebook page at the beginning of this month that appear to show a brand new gun from the Philippines-based firearms manufacturer. These pictures reveal a striker fired, polymer frame 9mm pistol called the RIA SF9.

    The new pistol is obviously on display at some sort of show. The accompanying flyers at the display describe this new offering as a 9mm, striker-fired, 17-round, full-sized, semi-auto handgun. Further scrutiny of the mobile upload pictures show what appears to be a Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame, an aftermarket frame for GLOCK handguns. It seems to this author that Armscor is going to be selling GLOCK clone pistols under the Rock Island Armory brand. The specs indicate a parkerized finish on the steel parts, a 4 inch barrel and a 5.5 pound trigger pull.

    The offering of clone of the most popular handgun in the US market makes some kind of sense if you take into account that RIA already offers GLOCK slides and barrels, although not in 9mm, with their .22TCM 9R Conversion Kits and the slide of the pistol on display looks quite a bit like the RIA conversion kit slides. While other manufacturers have and do offer GLOCK clones, most I can think of are the exact opposite of inexpensive. RIA might just feel there is room in the US market for a value-priced GLOCK clone.

    You can check out the pictures on Rock Island Armory’s Facebook page here. 

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