Okay Industries Introduces Desert Tan Metal Magazines

    Okay Industries, known for making OK products (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist…), has announced the release of their latest offering, their SureFeed AR-15 magazines in Desert Tan. The new color expands the SureFeed line of magazines, which were and are still standard-issue for many Government forces. The SureFeed line is Okay’s civilian offerings which “…are manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Okay Industries magazines which meet or exceed U.S. Military Specifications.

    In all seriousness, Okay Industries magazines were and are sought after by those forced to use metal magazines. When I was in the service, there were highly prized over the Colt and other magazines (careful, I’m showing my age here).

    The new magazines are 100% made in the United States. The bodies and floor plates are aluminum, heat-treated, hard coat anodized and then subjected to coloration which includes nano-PTFE (i.e. Teflon) additives and boron which increases lubricity and thus reliability. The magazines feature the same anti-tilt followers and stainless steel springs as proven over the decades.

    Each individual magazine is subjected to a battery of tests prior to acceptance and leaving the factory including weld integrity verification, feed lips tolerances, and material quality inspections. All magazines are finally tested for fit and function.

    The new desert tan SureFeed magazines are priced at $18.95 to $19.95. 


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