ETS Magazines Offers Tritium Insert Followers

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Hot off the heels of their recent (and welcome) expansion into Glock 43 magazines, ETS otherwise known as Elite Tactical Systems has yet another trick up their sleeve – tritium-infused followers for their AR-15 magazines. Partnered with Advanced Combat Solutions, the new magazines feature the same radioactive inserts as popular night sights.

Tritium is unique for its radioactive decay, which produces a mild visible glow, often a fluorescent green. This decay allows tritium to “glow” in low and no-light situations without the need for an external light source to “power” the glow feature. Tritium does this by itself. It’s the primary technology powering many of Trijicon’s offerings (which takes its name from the material).

The new follower is largely identical to the standard follower, sans a color change and the tritium insert. The ACS follower features a blue color with green tritium. The magazines are the same standard ETS offering, translucent with integral coupling capability. ETS magazines are ribbed and tout a variety of improvements over standard magazines.

The new follower if offered by itself for $15.99/unit or included in a magazine at $33.99 for the standard magazine or $35.99 for the integrally coupled version. No word yet on the option for tritium inserts for other platforms from ETS, specifically the Glock magazines which are similarly translucent.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Jonathan Page Jonathan Page on Jun 05, 2017

    Alternatively you could just change mags when you're able to or when you have to. And team leaders should check on the mag status of their guys at the ORP/FOB before SP. Even if it means you do it by feel in the dark. But this requires discipline and a modicum of knowledge, so screw it let's just buy some stupid product.

  • Darrell Elmore Darrell Elmore on Jun 06, 2017

    Don't care, I always knew how much I had fired and see no real reason to have a light source on my rifle. Cute but of little value IMHO