Customer Service Compliment – Magpul Industries

    In this industry more than many others, customer service often comes second. With the breakneck pace to develop and release new products, firearms companies often put non-revenue generating customer service at the bottom of the list for funding and support. There are notable exceptions to this, which have well-deserved stellar reputations, but most of the time its rather hum-drum – especially with the larger companies like Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, etc.

    But, the large company rule is not a law. I was recently and pleasantly surprised by MagPul, who replaced a X-22 stock that one could make a compelling argument not to.

    Specifically, I had an X-22 stock that when I sent the action out for some service that was having trouble, was returned in a broken condition. The forearm section had broken cleanly from the stock section, likely at the hands of the shipper (surprising, as it was shipped in a hard case), but it was broken nonetheless.

    I contacted Magpul and asked for options. They requested photos not believing me (I had a hard time believing it too), and upon receiving them sent a return label and immediately dispatched the new stock, without receiving the old one.

    Considering most warranties specifically absolve companies from non-standard use, that I did not disclose my affiliation with any publication and was treated as a normal customer, and their quick-turn around, my hat’s off to Magpul.

    Thank you for the service!


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