Chinese Ex-Pat Underground Gun School

    Thanks to Miles for sharing this.

    Firearms are illegal for private ownership in China. Yet there are people who lust over them. Some Chinese people will go overseas to get first hand experience with firearms. This guy opened up a gun school in the Philippines.

    The video is from Vice. They claim it is an “underground” gun school, however given that it is in the Philippines somewhat negates the “underground” aspect of it. The owner wears a mask over his face, but I question the need for PERSEC on this episode of VICE. Who would he get in trouble with? Unless his gun school is not accredited and legitimate in the Philippines. The Chinese govt wouldn’t care that he runs a gun school in a different country.

    Some of the “training” seen in the video below is a bit ridiculous. I feel like they have been watching too many Instructor Zero videos. Splashing water into a shooter’s face while he or she is manipulating a firearm.

    They instill fatigue by making them perform physically straining tasks before shooting the guns. I question this level of mall ninjaness when these people are new to shooting. They do mention safety and regurgitate the firearm safety rules. And yet I see them demonstrate shooting balloons held by fellow instructors.

    I condone teaching people how to safely use a firearm but the “operator style” training should be left behind. I do not think it adds anything significant to people who will go back to China and not have access to firearms.

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