New Stevens S1220 Shotguns?

    Stevens S1220

    Savage Arms may be ready to launch a new line of shotguns under the Stevens brand. Several online sites have started showing a number of Stevens S1220 shotguns, a gun not shown on the Savage Arms website.

    The Stevens S1220 shotguns appear to be autoloading shotguns that are similar to, or perhaps even based on, the S1200 shotgun that was announced in 2016. The S1200 is a 12 gauge shotgun while the S1220 is shown as a 20 gauge shotgun. The naming would certainly suggest the guns share the same lineage.

    According to the specifications posted, the new shotguns will have three different barrel lengths available: 24″, 26″ and 28″. All have vent rib, blued steel barrels and a 3″ chamber that will also accept 2 3/4″ shells. The magazine will hold five shells of either size.

    The models that I have seen listed all have black synthetic stocks. The original S1200 line has both synthetic and hard wood stocks. I would not be surprised to see Savage Arms introduce wood stocked version of this gun.

    A full set of five chokes (full, modified, improved modified, cylinder bore and improved cylinder bore) appear to be included with these guns. The guns are also shown to be inertia driven – the same as the 12 gauge shotguns.

    The websites list the suggested retail price at $571. This is the same price as the S1200. However, none of this information has been officially provided to us by Savage Arms. So, pricing and other details could be changed prior to announcement – or even just wrong. However, since the information is publicly viewable online (thank you Google,) I am sharing the information here.

    Richard Johnson

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