POTD: Get A Free Clipazine With a Marlin Rifle? Come On Marlin, You Know Better

    Get a free clipazine with a Marlin rifle? Come on Marlin, you know better. I am disappointed.

    Reddit user u/MiamiZeus posted a picture of a hang tag that was attached to a Marlin rifle in a Wal-Mart that is advertising a free 7-shot clip with the purchase of the rifle. With the argument of clip vs. magazine,¬†manufacturers using the wrong term isn’t helping the right word prevail. I guess you could use the argument of knowing what the customer identifies with given the rifle is on sale at Wal-Mart, that isn’t exactly the preferred¬†gun store of most gun people in my experience.

    So does it annoy me a bit? Just a bit. I would prefer to see companies like Marlin putting forth the effort to educate the customer base instead of just rolling with what the public calls them even though it is incorrect.

    There is a bit of humor in it though, I can’t be that mad. I wonder how many people at Marlin saw the hang tag and signed off on the vernacular without a second thought. It makes me wonder if they even considered that gun guys like myself would point and laugh a bit instead of glancing at it and thinking,¬†“not a bad deal, maybe I’ll get that one.”