A Different Approach To Handgun Recoil Management

    Paul Van Dunk Jr. is a brand ambassador for Agency Arms. Paul also runs a shooting school, Pace Performance Consulting. Here is a video I saw on his Instagram page that shows how to grip a handgun. At face value, holding a handgun seems simple and yet it is the basic foundation to mastering a pistol. There are many iterations and interpretations on how to achieve a good hand hold on a pistol. Paul boils it down and demonstrates it very clearly and succinctly with a pair of sticks.

    He starts off showing how to “drive” the hands forward and tilts the sticks forward. Then he shows an additional movement that makes a lot of sense and yet I have not seen it explained or demonstrated like this. He crosses the sticks.

    It seems like such a simple technique and yet have you seen it explained like this?


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