Review: Hazmat Holster Works NV 3 Holster

    When you are shopping for a holster, there are so many options that it can make you head spin. I know that I have a giant box of unused holsters just like many other gun owners searching for the right one. The Hazmat Holster Works NV 3 isn’t one of those that lives in the box. Instead, it gets regular use with my concealed carry Glock 19.

    I have since discarded the packaging, but the Hazmat Holster Works NV 3 arrived in a thick plastic bag with an info card that looked as though it was designed to be retail ready. Overall the quality of the holster is very nice, and the outline of the gun is very tastefully done.

    When I got my holster they were not offering the no cost Raven Concealment wing upgrade otherwise I would have opted for that. I find that if the holster and belt are not positioned just right, the butt of the gun protrudes just a touch more than I would like, a trait that the wing would take care of entirely.

    Hazmat Holster works has set the holster up so that one model works for every double stack Glock pistol in 9mm or .40 S&W and can be converted from right handed to left handed. Since I am right handed, I didn’t try to wear the holster in the left handed configuration, but I did swap the clip to the other side and found that it worked fine.

    The NV 3 is set up to handle both suppressor height sights as well as accommodating an RMR if your pistol is equipped with one. I am sure that the holster will handle other red dot sights on an MOS Glock, but without one to test it, I am not able to confirm my suspicion.

    My one annoyance with the NV 3 is the bottom edge of the holster is angled instead of flat revealing a place for your skin to get caught between the holster and the taller front sight. I didn’t find this to be an issue with standard sights, so if you aren’t running suppressor height sights, you won’t notice a thing.

    The bottom of the holster is finished nicely with uniform and beveled edges. I found that the clip wasn’t really to my liking and would have preferred something wider or dual clips to prevent the holster from rotating.

    Retention is not adjustable but isn’t overly aggressive and allows a reasonably smooth draw as long as your front sight didn’t catch some skin on the way out. I found that the NV 3 gave a positive audible click when holstering and kept the gun retained no matter the amount of shaking.

    At the price point, the NV 3 is a fine holster, but not my first choice. The front sight issue really prevents me from falling in love with the design. I wish they offered multiple sizes that covered the front sight on their respective models.

    Taking the holster out to the range with my Roland Special, I found that the holster worked reasonably well even with that compensated barrel. I do wish that they had offered the Raven Concealment wing when I got my holster, you can see the but of the gun print pretty clearly in the below photo.

    Pardon the belly shot. Drawing the gun was smooth once it cleared the area that was molded to provide retention. The gun didn’t get stuck in the holster, and there weren’t any weird retention issues that got in the way of a smooth draw.

    Would it be my first choice of AIWB holsters? Not a chance. I would strongly consider it if I was buying a gun and needed something that the dealer had in stock or wanted a holster that would work well with every size Glock. I really prefer that the holster was a bit longer to cover the front sight and not build in a snag point. The Glock 43 version of the NV 3 is exactly what the doctor ordered, now they just need to make it for Glock 19 and 26.

    You can learn more about the NV 3 holster on the Hazmat Holster Works website. The NV 3 Glock holster carries an MSRP of $ 65.00 and is listed as one of their quick ship options. Hazmat Holster Works also has NV 3 holster options for the Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield 9/40, and the XDS 9/40/45.