POTD: Bianchi Cup Race Guns

    Have you seen Bianchi Cup Open Pistols? They are a different league than your traditional USPSA or IPSC open pistols. Here is an STI DVC Open for comparison. Many open pistols are some derivative of this setup.


    But look at the Bianchi Cup setup.


    Below is Bruce Piatt’s Bianchi Cup pistol.


    The Bianchi Cup pistols add a barrel shroud and large wings on either side of the pistol. These are barricade stops. You can see the photo of Jessie Duff below, anchoring her pistol against a barricade.


    Many of the Bianchi Cup style open pistols seem to be running a tube red dot. I am not sure why they prefer this setup vs a reflex sight like a JPoint, RMR, or Vortex Venom.

    Do any of our readers have a Bianchi Cup Open Pistol? Why do they have these sights on there?