CapArms Quiet Shuttle System Tunable AR-15 Buffer

    Capital Armament or CapArms is an Iowa based gun and ammo manufacturer more recently known for their $500 Titanium Magnum Rifle Suppressor (now $599). To compliment their titanium cans CapArms is now selling what General Manager Nate Rinehart is calling “an improvement to the traditional AR-15 carbine buffer system”, the CapArms Quiet Shuttle System.

    The CapArms Quiet Shuttle System replaces the traditional Stoner carbine spring and buffer with a guide rod, smaller diameter shuttle weights, and smaller diameter springs. The shuttle weights act as the buffer and travel up and down the guide rod. The shuttle weights do not contact the inner walls of the buffer tube. CapArms claims this system eliminates the infamous “twang” of the traditional AR-15 buffer system. CapArms also says the system results in less erratic recoil and “by using a spring on a guide, there isn’t an undamped side-to-side vibration when the gun fires.”

    The CapArms Quiet Shuttle System is tunable and features two different weights and two different springs, with the promise of more options in the near future. I would like to note that installation is not exactly drop-in and the system does require the removal of the standard buffer retainer pin and retainer pin spring.


    You can buy the CapArms Quiet Shuttle System at and there is a quick installation video on the CapArms Facebook page.

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