New Russian Rifle: ORSIS K-151

    Russian ORSIS arms company has introduced a new semi-auto rifle during MILEX-2017 exhibition in Belarus. The rifle is called K-151 and it is chambered in .308 Winchester. This rifle incorporates design features borrowed both from AR and AK platforms.

    The gun feeds from a 10 round magazine. It has an overall length of around 39″ (985mm) with a 20″ (508mm) barrel. The twist rate is about 1:8″ (1:208mm).

    According to Belarusian news portal, the gun uses an AK-style bolt and trigger mechanism and some elements of the AR-10/AR-15 design (the upper and lower receivers layout, disassembly and pivot pins, magazine release, stock etc.). ORSIS also plans to offer a version of the rifle chambered in .223 Remington. Probably they don’t mean a conversion, but a scaled down version.

    That’s about all the official information available so far. However, let’s see what we can spot on the images.

    So the gun has a side charging handle, a one piece top Picatinny rail, as well as a rail section on the bottom of the handguard. The gun is gas operated using an adjustable gas piston system with the distinctive ring on the front portion which is most likely designed to adjust the positions of the gas system using a .308 Win cartridge. Note also an interesting feature – the two rows of KeyMod slots on the same side of the handguard with lower row elevated compared to the upper one.

    Because of the looks of the rifle, one could assume that it is designed primarily for military or tactical use. Its appearance and characteristics pretty much make it a DMR than anything else. However, interestingly enough, ORSIS positions and advertises it solely as a hunting rifle.

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