Bad Element Company Has a Great Idea – AK Magazine Bottle Openers

    Say what one will about environmental protection and their beliefs about global warming, but on its face and from a purely logical perspective, recycling is good. Less trash goes into landfills and so on…

    Believe what you will, but it’s hard to argue with Bad Element’s companies latest magazine recycling program. Stuck in the heart of limited capacity land (also known as California), Bad Elements has been braving the elements to help those unfortunate to not enjoy weapons as Stoner and Kalashnikov intended them.

    Their latest offering is a single round magazine designed specifically to feed an AK once and a human as many beers as possible. Turns out that the feed lips of an AK magazine are handy for opening brewskis. (Stoner really missed out, unless the AR was designed for smoking a joint… Stoner? Get it?)

    When not pinning magazines to Cali compliant status, Bad Elements has been quite creative. Using a bit of machining know-how, Bad Elements has created some fantastic options. Various photos detail these efforts including easy to count AK magazines that resemble the egg weighers of olde.

    Take a look at Bad Element’s instagram where the mad geniuses post up the efforts. 

    For those curious to pick up a single round popper-topper, check out Bad Element Company’s website. The magazines run $25 with free shipping. 



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