Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension Now Available

    Now that we have given you a break from the deluge of new products that Strike Industries is putting out, check out the new Advanced Receiver Extension! Strike has rolled out the handsome new buffer tube in four colors for whatever build you might have planned, currently, the black extension is the only one in stock though. I am told that the red, blue and FDE colors will be back in stock very soon.

    They have shaved weight from the receiver extension by scalloping the surface of the receiver extension and removing material from some noncritical areas. Not only is it a bit lighter as a result, but it looks darn good if you ask me.

    I do find it rather noteworthy that they are making these from 7075-T6 aluminum rather than the 6061 that we normally see on receiver extensions. Sure there are a few guys out there building buffer tubes in the more robust aluminum like my friends over at Brownells, but most of them are made from the softer 6061.

    Check out Strike Industries for more information on the Advanced Receiver Extention, MSRP on the in-stock black model is $47.95, the more colorful models will be priced at $49.95 when they come in stock.