New Pistol from Wilson Combat: Carry Comp Professional

    Carry Comp Pro

    Wilson Combat recently announced the latest addition to its line of high end 1911 style pistols: the Carry Comp Professional.

    This handgun traces its origins back to the company’s Accu-Comp of the 1980’s. Widely used in competitions at that time, the Accu-Comp was said to minimize recoil and muzzle flip while still offering excellent accuracy and reliability.

    From the Accu-Comp, Wilson Combat developed the Carry Comp. The Carry Comp was a pistol designed to be carried for self defense that used the same recoil reducing compensation that the competition gun benefitted from.

    The new Carry Comp Professional continues the evolution of the technology. According to the company, the new handgun has a 4″ match grade barrel with a 0.5″ muzzle extension. The extension has a “meticulously engineered” compensation port. This port is the reason that felt recoil and flip are reduced.

    Carry Comp Pro

    Wilson Combat is offering the Carry Comp Professional in three calibers: .45 ACP, .38 Super and 9mm. As with many of the company’s other 1911 style guns, this pistol has a number of features that Wilson Combat frequently uses:

    • Bullet Proof beavertail grip safety
    • Bullet Proof magazine release
    • Bullet Proof thumb safety
    • 30 LPI front strap checkering
    • G10 grip panels with starburst pattern and pewter medallions
    • Battlesight rear sight and fiber optic front sight

    The guns are not inexpensive, but neither are they cheap. The suggested retail price starts at $3,200 for the .45 model. The other two versions start at $3,310.

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