Caldwell Releases New Stinger Shooting Rest

    If you are one of those shooters that looks at the Lead Sled and wishes it looked a lot more like some dangerous bug that was recently discovered in the rain forest? Well, Caldwell has been listening and is introducing the Stinger shooting rest for those shooters that feel a need for a shooting rest that looks like it was ripped from a sci-fi action flick.

    The new Stinger shooting rest carries on that rock solid stability that we have come to expect from Caldwell shooting rests as well as incorporating some new features. The rest is built on a heavy duty metal frame; the Stinger shooting rest features a quick cam system that allows a shooter to quickly move the front rest to slide back and forth to fit just about any firearm.

    Caldwell also reformulated the material they use to make the front and rear rest so that they are firm enough to get a solid position while not damaging your firearm’s finish. The front elevation adjustment on the rest allows for up to three inches of travel, and the rear adjustment gives you another inch of travel. There is also enough adjustment built in to get three and a half inches of lateral travel when the gun is mounted in the rest making it perfect for getting the best group you possibly can.

    You can check out Caldwell online for more information about the new Stinger shooting rest, or read the press release below.

    The Caldwell® Stinger™ Shooting Rest

    The new Stinger Shooting Rest combines a sleek all black design with the user functionality and rock solid stability Caldwell is known for. This affordable rest has an innovative front elevation system and a spring loaded, height adjustment knob that allows for fast, one handed coarse elevation adjustment. The Stinger features a heavy duty dual metal frame, and quick cam locks to allow the front rest to easily slide forward or backwards to accommodate a variety of firearm lengths. The new cutting edge molded front and rear supports protect the firearm’s finish and provide just the right amount of firmness for taking rock solid shots!


    Features Include:

    • Up to 3” of front rest elevation adjustment
    • 1” of rear elevation adjustment
    • 3.5” of lateral gun fit adjustment
    • Perfect for extended magazines and lever actions
    • Rigid steel tube frame
    • Non-marring front and rear cradles