NEW: Gemtech Trek II Rifle Silencer

    Often I get asked the question about silencer choices for someone just entering the NFA market. Even though the majority of the decision process is left to a particular shooters use case, for rifle caliber suppressors I tend to gravitate towards suggestions that include considerations for weight, length and price above all else. Seemingly on the list every time is the Trek from Gemtech – a no frills performer for the 5.56mm market.

    While many of you would recommend a quick detach silencer with the ability to be swapped between hosts, my current line of thought centers on a “set it and forget it” mentality for new enthusiasts. QD mounts have the potential for user error which is already at a higher than normal risk when the trigger puller is green.

    While we are still waiting on the official pricing on the new Trek II, the original model was a huge value in the ‘everything you need, nothing you don’t’ category of silencers. With the street price as low as $300, the Trek suppressed well and clocks in better than average in the length and width categories. The newest release includes a spot for a pin and weld setup, sometimes negating the need for a second NFA stamp for a short barreled rifle.

    Gemtech Trek II:


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