Glock Goes Full Retar… Dark Earth with Latest Lipsey’s Special Edition

    It can be argued, strongly, that much of the success of Glock owes to the Henry Ford-like the mentality of mass production with a little bit of Lotus thrown in. Make a whole lot of one thing and throw in simplicity for good measure. In fact, this recipe started the end of the “Wondernine” years and ushered in today’s Plastic Fantastics.

    It would seem that as Gaston ages, Glock is indeed a bit more adventurous. No longer the “choose any color so long as it is black” company, Glock has been slowly expanding a bit more into new SKUs – adding forward serrations. Prior to then, there has been a variety of special editions including minor color changes on the frame, etc.

    Now, Glock has gone full Flat Dark Earth with their latest special edition and Lipseys Exclusive Vickers Tactical Glock. The limited-run production of 2,000 G17s and 3,000 G19s feature full FDE slide, frame, mag plate, and grip plug tool. All are equipped with the RTF-2 frame.

    Upgrades include an AmeriGlo Pro I-DOT tritium front sight coupled with a Wilson Combat U-Notch rear. Tango Down pitches in with their own Vicker’s favorites including the extended slide catch, and extended magazine release. An allen¬†wrench is also included for rear sight adjustment.

    MSRP is slotted at $750 for both the G17 and G19.


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