Packin’ Heat!… Federal Micro HST for your .38 Special

    Micro HST

    If you want self-defense ammo, the options are nearly endless. Countless companies are producing the world’s best or most impactful or deepest penetrating projectile on the market. So why should we care about Federal Premium’s line of Micro HST?… They specifically engineer this ammo to perform well out of short-barreled firearms. Simple idea, but what are most concealed carry pistols?… Short-barreled pistols whether its a semi-auto or a revolver.

    One thing that is immediately noticeable about the Micro HST in .38 Special is the depth of the bullet in the casing. You can see a close up in the picture below.

    Micro HST

    Federal Premium Micro HST .38 Special+P 130 Grain

    Weird, right? Well, it has a specific purpose. That is not a “bad round” or a “mistake.” With a seating depth that extreme, it eliminates any excessive air gap between the bullet and powder. This also translates into more consistent velocities and better terminal performance upon impact. All good things.

    Federal Premium Handgun Product Lane Director Jason Nash elaborated on this topic:

    By combining the HST bullet design with the unique seating depth, we’ve created the most consistent .38 Special personal defense load on the market. We’re proud to give those who carry a .38 Special the most effective possible option for the platform.

    This new Micro HST round in .38 Special will likely turn heads, but everything is by design. An overview of key characteristics for the Micro HST can be seen below.

    • 38 Special +P load developed specifically for Micro-sized Concealed Carry Revolvers
    • Deep Bullet Seating eliminates Inconsistent Powder Burn Rates
    • Law Enforcement Proven HST Bullet Design
    • Expanded Diameter & Weight Retention produce the Desired Penetration for Personal Defense Situations w/o Over-Penetrating
    • Clean-Burning, Low-Flash Propellants

    This ammo comes in 20-Count boxes and has an MSRP of $30.95.

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