New 5.5″ Hand Guard from Angstadt Arms

    Angstadt Arms

    Angstadt Arms announced the company is now selling a 5.5″ hand guard for the AR pattern rifle and pistol. While the hand guard is obviously compatible with the company’s own 9mm firearms, the new part is compatible with other 9mm and 5.56 NATO AR firearms.

    The hand guard is a seven sided design that uses M-LOK attachment points on six of these sides. The top position (12 o’clock) has a Picatinny rail. By having the attachment points at more points around the hand guard, you have more flexibility with how and where you mount gear like a white light.

    Angstadt Arms

    Angstadt Arms built the hand guard with two QD style sockets – one on each side of the piece. It is a free float design that does not require timing or proprietary tools for installation. According to the company, a suppressor of 1.4″ in diameter (or smaller) will tuck inside the hand guard when used with a 6″ barrel.

    These weigh 5.4 ounces. Angstadt Arms set the suggested retail price at $185.

    If you are not already familiar with the company, Angstadt Arms builds the UDP-9. This is a 9mm AR-15 style firearm that feeds from Glock magazines. It is offered in a variety of configurations including as a pistol, carbine and SBR. The company also sells receiver sets for those that like to roll their own.

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