Silencer Shop Announces The Return Of Dead Air Armament

    Last year we had the pleasure of an extended interview with Mike Pappas and Gary Hughes of MOD Outfitters – a creative outlet for the pair’s public facing silencer company Dead Air Armament. Along with designer/engineer Todd Magee, they have brought sought after features and attachments to the rapidly growing silencer market. Besides our talk about suppressors and AKs, we discussed the business relationship with powerhouse NFA distributor Silencer Shop.

    MOD Outfitters And Dead Air @ TFB June 2016:

    We spent most of the interview laughing, joking around and talking about strictly fun stuff, but I did want to ask about the Dead Air – Silencer Shop history and (possible) future. If you don’t already know, Silencer Shop was once a distributor for Dead Air Armament products. “It was strictly a difference in the way both companies do business,” said Pappas. “We are still friends with all the guys at Silencer Shop and wish them nothing but the best.” The way it stands now, Pappas doesn’t see Dead Air products returning to Silencer Shop’s distribution network.

    Luckily for both the industry and consumers alike, times are changing. As of yesterday, the complete Dead Air product catalog is now available for purchase through the Silencer Shop system. The details of the deal that brought the companies back together are private (and frankly not important) but it gives the consumer access to arguably the most efficient process to purchase Dead Air silencers.

    In addition, rumors are flying about a soon-to-be announced new Dead Air silencer release; hopefully I will be back soon with additional details.

    Photos courtesy of Gary Hughes and Mike Pappas.

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