POTD: Tale Of Two Shotguns

    Ok well technically one is a shotgun and the other is simply a firearm. But they both shoot shotgun shells. Both are fun to shoot but I have to give a bit of a nod to the KSG. The bullpup configuration keeps the OAL short. So short it almost feels like it should be NFA but it isn’t. Top that off with an impressive capacity. The downside is reloading the KSG and for some, the ejected shells hit them in the wrist. The Mossberg Shockwave is also a lot of fun but with a standard capacity of only 5+1 rounds, it loses to the KSG. Neither one comes threaded for chokes, but the KSG does have an adapter you can buy. You could easily send the Mossberg barrel out to be threaded by a competent gun smith. The KSG obviously comes standard with a top rail and bottom rail. You could swap out the ribbed foregrip for a Magpul handguard and add rails to the Mossberg. The top of the Shockwave receiver is drilled and tapped if you felt like adding an optic.

    Which one would you prefer to use?