Project Spark Plug: PWS Summit Straight Pull 22LR – Part 1

    Every shooter has what they refer to as their list of “grail guns”. That is, firearms they would easily order up if they had the resources to buy whatever they wanted (#hipointcarbine). On the other end of the line are the “everyday” type guns that steep themselves in utility and are fairly obtainable for the masses, like a Glock 19 for example (#everyoneshouldownone). Somewhere in the middle are a collection of guns that are realistically in reach with a little bit of saving and/or searching. For me, one of these guns is the Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) Summit straight pull 22LR 10/22 style receiver.

    Sure, it’s not a super-sexy, spiced up race gun or a tacticool AR, but maybe I’m showing my age – a super quiet platform that accepts the mountain of 10/22 accessories on the market is just what I need.

    PWS Summit 22LR

    PWS discontinued the Summit line a few years back to make way for additional production lines on their flagship centerfire rifles. So, if you are like me and have been on the hunt for a Summit, you are out of luck.

    Ok, that was just mean. A few weeks ago I emailed PWS customer service about the Summit availability and future plans. Luckily, they now consider the unique rimfire receiver is in “limited release” with only a few dealers buying up nearly all of the production well in advance. PWS referred me to The Armory LLC for a possible pre-order avenue and I nearly burned a hole in my keyboard typing up an email to them.

    As luck would have it, The Armory didn’t have a pre-order list, they actually have a few of the Summit receivers in stock. After a long talk with Thad, the owner who happens to be an NFA nerd/nut like myself, I jumped on one and had it land at my dealer a few days later. Boom.

    So if you are looking to get in on the game, I’d give The Armory a phone call (they aren’t listed for sale on their website at the moment). In the years that I have been looking, they are the the only ones I have found who have Summit’s in stock. And yes, no tricks, there are a few more.

    So, what do I have planned for my long term “Spark Plug” project? That’s where you guys come in. I’m looking for build input from our readership. I’m leaning towards a small compact Charger build with an integrally suppressed barrel, wood/laminate stock and variable power pistol optic. However, I am open to any ideas you all have. Shoot me an email, leave a comment or follow us on social media to get a message my way.


    The Summit action is a straight-pull, or toggle bolt action. It features a 20 MOA base Picatinny rail machined into the receiver allowing optics to be mounted quickly and securely.

    Dual extractors in the Summit Action’s bolt increase system reliability.



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