Griffin Armament Announces Mod3 Silencers

    Griffin Armament Suppressor

    Griffin Armament announced the company re-engineered its Revolution Silencer Series to add “a lot of versatility and high pressure caliber application.” The Mod3 Revolution Series sound suppressors are now rated for use with 7.62×39, 300 BLK subsonic and 5.56 NATO for hunting applications.

    The Revolution Series is a line of handgun sound suppressors. With handgun rounds, the suppressors are full auto rated. However, the cans are good for hunting applications in rifle calibers. By that, Griffin Armament states that the suppressors should only be fired 5-7 times before being allowed to cool to ambient temperature.

    While that is not ideal for someone looking for a can to use with an AR for high volume shooting, it does allow someone to occasionally suppress a rifle with a silencer that is frequently used on a pistol, subgun or pistol caliber carbine. This may be a narrow niche, but it does give customers some additional flexibility on a single tax stamp.

    According to the company’s video (below), other rifle calibers have been tested and performed well with this suppressor.

    Part of the decision to offer this silencer seems to be based on the political difficulties related to loosening the laws related to sound suppressor ownership in the United States. According to a press release issued by Griffin Armament:

    With the HPA losing steam, and silencers continuing to have a tax stamp associated, we wanted to give the customers more usability in the product. Ultimately it would be great if the HPA were to pass in some form, but it doesn’t like it will anytime soon.  I think consumers are going to be putting their money into versatile products and we are happy to provide those for them.

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