Are You Prepared For A Magazine Ban? | Gun Guy Thoughts

    Let me be up front, there is no looming ban and we don’t cover political issues anyhow.

    In yet another stupid gun guy shower thought I was left wondering what it would take to be prepared for the possibility of standard capacity mags becoming scarce or them no longer being available. So again, to be clear, we are talking about the logistics of being able to weather a ban, not the possibility or politics of a ban.

    So what would I need to have on hand if there were a capacity limitation? Magazines are consumables after all and do wear out over time, develop problems, break, and get lost. In the case of my Glock 19, if I were to limit the use of the standard capacity 15 round mags to carry, competition, and classes would I need 5 mags? Could 10 mags do it? Or is shooting for the stars and having 40-50 on hand the right call?

    How about your rifle of choice? Do you need 10 mags past what you normally use at the range or is there something to those crazy people like myself that have 150 or more extra 30 round clipazines?

    The truth is I have no idea what the right answer is, I want to see what all of you feel comfortable having on hand to ensure that you are able to enjoy your firearm as the designer intended for the life of the gun. Personally, I like to keep at least 20 handgun mags per platform that I really care about, more if they are cheap. Both AK an AR platforms have about 100 each with a slight favor towards the AR platform because … well, it’s just better.

    What do you stock up on so that you never have to worry about mags again? Is there a number that you consider to be overboard? What is considered hoarding?