Shooting The Worst Shotgun – Cobray Terminator

    Jim of Burst Review got a Cobray Terminator to shoot from his friend Lee Cap. For those not familiar with the Cobray Terminator, it has been touted as the world’s worst shotgun. At first glance it looks like a modified Sterling SMG. However it is chambered in 12ga.  The Sterling SMG is an open bolt design and so is the Terminator. However they are nothing alike. The Sterling SMG open bolt is a traditional open bolt design. The bolt is locked to the rear and pulling the trigger releases the bolt forward and fixed firing pin at the end of the bolt is what sets off the round. In the Cobray Terminator there is no bolt. The receiver end cap houses the fixed firing pin. So when you chamber a 12 ga shell and pull the trigger, the entire barrel travels rearwards pushing the shell back into the firing pin. This adds additional force to the recoil of the gun making it worse to shoot than standard single shot shotgun.

    Just watch the video below to see how much it beats up Jim compared to his Ithaca 37.

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