POTD: MPX Gas To The Face – Revisited

    If you recall, James posted a video about the myth that the MPX is dirty when suppressed. Some people say the MPX produces gas to the face when supressed.


    He was running an AAC Evo-9 and did not experience any issues.

    I had experienced gas to the face with my friend’s MPX and Octane 9 set up. Click here to refresh your memory.

    Well just last week I think I have found the worst setup. I am using a Rugged Obsidian45 on my Gen 1 MPX. Shooting 147 grain reloads using Montana Gold bullets and Hodgdon Tite Group powder.  I had used dB Foam in the Obsidian several hours earlier and the smoke may be residue burning off. I have a Franklin Armory Binary trigger in the MPX and the rapid fire does not allow the gas and smoke to dissipate compared to slower semi auto rates of fire.

    Here is the video, you can see the obscene amount of smoke and gas. It is like I have created my own weather system.

    I will have to revisit this setup after the Obsidian is clean of any residue.

    Edit: So I rinsed the can and let it dry over the weekend. I just went and shot it today and sure enough, no smoke.