Hornady Unveils Dies, Bullets & Ammo at NRA 2017 for 22 Nosler, 6mm Creedmoor & .300 WSM


    Hornady, like many companies, had a lot up their sleeves at the recent NRA meetings. They basically expanded in three bread ‘n butter categories: reloading dies, reloading bullets and ammunition. The 5 new products they introduced help to round out these categories and satisfy shooters with more unique caliber desires.

    Ammo – Precision Hunter 6mm Creedmoor 103 Grain ELD-X

    Hornady introduced the 6mm Creedmoor in the fall of 2016 and it quickly found a following with long-range, precision shooters. Their ELD-X tips are specifically developed for hunting so this load could be used for longer range shots on medium sized game (whitetail deer, antelope, coyote, etc). This should be a great load for those looking to stretch out their shots on game. This ammo has an MSRP of $43.28 per box of 20 rounds.

    Bullets – 6mm (.243 diameter) 103 Grain ELD-X

    The tip used in the aforementioned ammo is also available for people to reload with. It boasts some pretty good ballistic coefficients:

    • BC (G1) 0.512
    • BC (G7) 0.258

    The MSRP of these reloading bullets are $48.33 per box of 100 bullets. A video describing both the bullets and the loaded ammo can be viewed below from Hornady.

    Dies – 22 Nosler (2-Die Set, Full Length Size Die & Seating Die 4″)

    22 NoslerAs the popularity grows for the new “Nosler” calibers that are coming out so does the need for good reloading dies. With that being said, Hornady has introduced 3 new dies for the 22 Nosler.

    • (.224) 2-Die Set – MSRP $60.59
    • (.224) Full-Length Size Die – MSRP $46.60
    • (.224) Seating Die 4″ – $27.73

    Most of these die sets should be available soon this summer. Hopefully sooner than later so varmint shooters can get to work reloading.

    Ammo – Precision Hunter .300 WSM 200 Grain ELD-X

    The .300 WSM, unlike many short-mag calibers that have died over time, continues to remain strong among hunters and target shooters. This Precision Hunter ammunition was tested with a 24″ barrel to achieve these results:

    • 2,820 FPS (muzzle)
    • 3,531 FT-LBS of energy (muzzle)
    • BC (G1) of 0.597
    • BC (G7) of 0.301

    A box of this has an MSRP of $58.11 for 20 rounds.

    Ammo – Superformance .300 WSM 165 Grain GMX

    The Superformance line of ammunition always runs a little hotter than traditional factory loads. You can typically expect 100-200 FPS faster than other brands and flavors. This 165 Grain GMX load is only the 2nd .300 WSM flavor Hornady has ever put into their line-up. The first being the previously mentioned Precision Hunter load. Hornady goes into greater detail on both new offerings in the video below.

    Both of the .300 WSM ammo offerings are supposed to be shipping to gun stores as you read this. The Superformance .300 WSM 165 Grain GMX retails at $62.53 per box of 20 rounds.

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