Athlon Outdoors Looks At The B&T USW

    Athlon Outdoors got their hands on the B&T USW. For those not familiar with this weapon, we covered it at SHOT Show 2017. Click here to see our post.

    The USW is basically a pistol with a folding stock making it a PDW. It has an optics bridge that acts like a frame mounted optic mount. Allowing the Aimpoint Nano to sit over the slide but does not reciprocate. The position of the Aimpoint Nano is interesting since it is typically where one would mount a optic on a slide. Typically frame mounted optics are positioned a bit more forward like the ALG Six Second Mount or most open division style 2011 race guns.

    I spoke to Aimpoint at the NRA Annual Meeting and the person I spoke with explained that the Nano is designed for the USW. It does not attach like a traditional optic. It is attached along the side of the optic. Whereas RMR style optics are mounted from the top or the Aimpoint T1 style optics are mounted from underneath. So offering the Aimpoint Nano separately won’t happen for a while until Aimpoint can figure out a way to redesign it an get the Nano to mount to pistols. I say they should just release it as is. The gun community will figure out a way to make it work.

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