Install a Buffer Tube With the Right Tools – TFB Modification Minute

    You know that awesome stock you have been eyeing? That one that only comes in Mil-Spec diameter, but your rifle has a commercial diameter buffer tube? This week’s Modification Minute tackles that very problem by replacing the factory commercial buffer tube with a high-quality Brownells Mil-Spec buffer tube. Enjoy!

    Please support our sponsor Brownells. Products in this video:

    Brownells Mil-Spec Buffer Tube – $25.99

    Magpul Armorer’s Wrench – $75.95

    Bravo Company QD End Plate – $16.99

    Geissele Reaction Block – $99.00

    Starrett 5/32″ Center Punch – $8.99

    Brownells Oxpho-Blue – $9.99