LiNQ your AK Platform Rifles Now from Crimson Trace


    The one-of-a-kind LiNQ flashlight/laser system from Crimson Trace is now available for your AK-47 or similar firearms. This new offering will fit any stamped receiver AK-47, but no milled receivers. It also will interestingly enough fit the Springfield Armory M1A Socom 16 CQB. You will also need a section of Picatinny rail (at least 2 3/4″ in length) to accommodate the flashlight/laser unit near the front of the rifle.

    The flashlight is a 300 lumen LED that can be run either as a strobe or constant light. The laser is a crisp green beam. There are four different modes of operation for this setup:

    • Laser Only
    • Light Only
    • Laser + Light (Constant)
    • Laser + Light (Strobe)

    For those who are unfamiliar with how the Crimson Trace LiNQ system works, Crimson Trace explains it best in their own words below.

    Utilizing a secure, individual wireless connection, LiNQ offers complete wireless control of the laser and light module. The replacement grip is ergonomically designed for quick activation and mode changes, eliminating the need to reach for the rifle’s forend to operate. The green laser sight, coupled with a powerful tactical light, offers high visibility in all lighting conditions, making LiNQ the ultimate illumination and targeting solution.


    So all of you AK owners, if you felt left out before, no need to worry. Crimson Trace did not forget about you, they just needed some more time.

    The LiNQ system for AK rifles retails at $649 which is the same price that is charged for AR-15 owners.

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