CHAMPION Expands their “Visicolor” Splatter Targets with Hunting & Training Options


    When people head to the range simple paper targets just do not cut it anymore. We need something more interactive. More exciting. More reactive. Champion Traps & Targets understands this like many shooting sports companies and is adjusting accordingly. Their line of Visicolor targets has some new additions to hopefully get people headed to the range.

    Champion added in 3 new multi-target packages to help consumers test their abilities and have a little fun in the process.


    Visicolor REAL LIFE – BIG GAME

    This first set is meant to get hunters honed in on the animals they may be hunting. Outer bullseye targets allow for sight-in while the animals give you an attempt at shooting actual vitals. A good way to get zeroed and practice the real deal. These sell in a 12 Pack (4 targets per animal) and MSRP at $27.49.


    Visicolor TRAINING COMBO

    Most people have seen similar versions of this target. You can focus on aiming at a specific shape, color or number when called out by a partner. You also can shoot alone and try to work through those same types of schemes with speed. The added bonus of a Visicolor splatter with each shot is a great visual confirmation of a successful or failed shot. These sell in packages by the dozen (4 targets for each type) and an MSRP of $22.49.


    Visicolor FUN GAMES

    I would like to think that everybody has some nostalgic love for Space Invaders, right? Throw a little gun action in there, and we all are reliving our youth! This set of targets may not hone you into becoming Jerry Miculek, but at least you will be having some fun. This set of 12 comes with 4 targets each and retails at $26.95.

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