The Stevens 301 Single Shot Shotgun

    Stevens 301

    Earlier this year, Savage Arms introduced a new single shot shotgun under the Stevens brand. The Stevens 301 shotgun rolled out at the start of the year and was part of the company’s display at the recent National Rifle Association Annual Meetings in Atlanta, GA.

    The 301 is available in three of the most popular shotgun chamberings: 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 bore. Other than the kind of shell you feed it, the guns are pretty much the same.

    All guns feature a break open action, and hold but a single shell. Although this doesn’t sound terribly fancy, it is a proven design that has been reliable in the field for many decades. There are a lot of people who first learned how to shoot and hunt with a 410 single shot.

    All three versions of the gun have a 26″ long barrel that is made of carbon steel. Each gun has a black synthetic stock and a matte black finish on the receiver and barrel. Although the company does not state the specifics, it seems the gun comes with a modified choke installed.

    In addition to the simplicity of operation, another thing that tends to draw a lot of people to a single shot shotgun is the affordable price. The full manufacturer’s suggested price on this gun is $173 for any of the three models.

    Richard Johnson

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