STEN Suppressed Sub Machine Gun

    The Sten machine carbine was one of the most hastily completed and most expediently made submachine gun of the Second World War. Although it was reliable, a number of users didn’t like it simply because they saw it as a cheap pipe gun created as a last ditch effort. Nonetheless, there were a number of suppressed versions of it, two of the most prominent featured here, the Mk. II(S) and the Mk.VI with the wooden stock and furniture. Initially, the first suppressed version created for SOE was a Mk. II with a suppressor that was 22 inches in length, horribly heavy and unwieldy for the operations that the British clandestine service found themselves in most of the time.

    Although the suppressors shown here are integral, due to the construction of the Sten, they could easily be dismantled with the barrel itself. This was an inherent feature with the Mk. IIs, and the Mk.Vs. One of the problems with the suppressed versions was that they could overheat. Thus on many versions, a canvas guard was added to the suppressor to keep a shooter’s hands from burning. In addition, the bolts had to be lightened because they couldn’t cycle reliably with the additional pressure from the suppressor.

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