Rugged Suppressors Enters Partnership With Accurate Ordnance

    I am a fan of anything that promotes shooting firearms suppressed. So when top shelf rifle companies partner with industry-leading suppressor manufacturers, you know the end result is going to be good. Rugged Suppressors and precision rifle maker Accurate Ordnance have announced a partnership that will put Rugged’s flash hider and brake mounts on their Signature Series of custom rifles as standard equipment.

    Obviously this is a huge vote of confidence in Rugged’s mounting system for repeatability and accuracy. A precision rifle maker doesn’t take adding other manufacturer’s gear lightly. And if it happens to put more silencers on the end of barrels, I am all for it. Details below.

    Rugged Suppressors and Accurate Ordnance Announce Partnership:

    Rugged Suppressors, is proud to announce their partnership with Accurate Ordnance. As part of this arrangement, our three-port 7.62 muzzle brakes will be standard equipment on all Accurate Ordnance Signature Rifle builds. The Rugged muzzle brake offers excellent recoil mitigation via its three-port design, while also allowing any rifle to shoot to its maximum accuracy potential. This brake also allows fast, easy and repeatable mounting of both the Surge762 and Razor762 silencers, available separately. As part of the rifle build process, muzzle brakes will be timed to the rifle so that no shims are required. Accurate Ordnance Signature Rifles such as the TMR, MARS, CTX and Stryker will begin shipping with Rugged muzzle brakes this month.

    “Rugged Suppressors is excited to take this next step in our business; having our light weight high efficiency muzzle brake as standard equipment with a precision rifle manufacturer,” says Michael Derdziak, CEO of Rugged Suppressors. “Our collaboration just makes sense. All our Surge 762 suppressors are tested for accuracy and repeatability before shipping. For more than a year now, we’ve been using Accurate Ordnance rifles for that testing. We have found their rifles to be some of the most accurate and consistent rifles available that we can count on as part of our own quality control process.”


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