Gemtech Launches Guardian Program For First Responders

    I know from experience that cops love product discounts as much, if not more, than round pastries with holes in the middle. Unfortunately I have also witnessed discount programs destroyed by a select few of our community who took advantage of a company’s willingness to provide deals by reselling items for a profit or handing them out to family and friends. So I am always grateful when a company decides to provide first responders a way to buy gear at reduced rates. Silencer manufacturer Gemtech has a announced the Guardian program – a partnership with Allen Arms Tactical (a national wholesale silencer distributor) to provide community servants with discounts on silencers. All retail sales must go through an authorized Guardian dealer in your state.

    Pricing is specific to each local dealer, so follow the below listed links for additional information.

    From the Gemtech Guardian press release:

    GEMTECH is very proud to announce the launch of our new Guardian Program hosted by Allen Arms Tactical. The Guardian Program is our way of giving back to those that serve our country and communities by offering silencers at a discounted rate for these Professionals.

    To find your local Guardian Program Dealer go here
    Dealers only: To become an authorized Guardian Program Dealer go here
    For information on all GEMTECH products please visit here

    Guardian Gemtech

    Program Details and Requirements:

    The Guardian Program is Gemtech’s way of showing our eternal gratitude to the men and women that selflessly serve our communities and protect our Country. The Guardian program offers these brave individuals a substantial discount when purchasing Gemtech products.

    Who Qualifies?

    • Sworn Law Enforcement (Active or Retired)
      • Includes local, state and Federal
      • Includes corrections/ probation/ parole officers
    • Military (Active or Retired)
      • Includes disabled veterans with medically retired ID
      • Includes all Reserves/ National Guard
    • Court Judges along with District Attorneys and their deputies
    • Firefighters, EMT’s, and Paramedics 

    In order to participate, credentials will need to be supplied. Suitable credentials are listed below:

    • Copy of Law Enforcement ID
    • Copy of Military ID or DD214.
    • Federal Employees ONLY- copy of business card along with photo verification
    • Affidavits are allowable if identification cannot be provided


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