Ballistic Rated Shutter Introduced

    At the Security & Counter Terror Expo outside of London EFAFLEX introduced their EFAPROTECT Ballistic shutter. The shutter is a sort of garage door opener that rolls up into a box above an entrance and deploys extremely quickly to shield an entrance from various small arms threats up to 7.62x51mm NATO. The dimensions appear to be that of an oversized door, allowing the device to be fitted into existing entryways with various modifications. How the device is controlled was not mentioned but it most likely has a remote control station where it can be operated, in addition to possibly a manual override at the physical doorway (most likely on the inside of the entry). I’d imagine that the device comes with significant safety precautions and warnings because being caught in it might end up in a bad way.

    From the press release-

    Rainer Daniel, Head of Ballistic Protection and former special force explained, ‘We are considered as global pioneers within the high-speed door industry. This latest development and the formation of the EFAPROTECT enables us to enter a highly specialized market. We have designed the world’s first multi- hit resistant shutter which is ballistic protected up to cal. 5,56 x 45, 7,61 x 51 and 7,62 x 39.’ He went on to add, ‘EFAFLEX doors are installed around the globe. The brand is synonymous with premium quality and precision engineering. We have taken that expertise and used that knowledge. Not only is EFAPROTECT burglar resistant up to RC4 but it has an exceptional opening and closing door blade speeds of up to 2 meters per second. As you can imagine, speed is of the essence under high threat security related situations.’

    EFAPROTECT combine maximum operating speeds, ballistic protection, and functional security and will be available in a variety of protection classes, which are certified according to country-specific guidelines. The high- speed shutters will feature EFAFLEX’s unique patented spiral design which is virtually wear free for reduced maintenance and extremely quiet. Aesthetically the high-speed shutter can be manufactured to blend in with environments and available in all RAL colors and maximum dimensions of (H) 4500mmm x (W) 4000mm.

    The need for such a device is most likely vulnerable establishments in the civilian sector that need an entry that is securable while at the same time being impervious to limited small arms fire. Obviously, this isn’t going to stand a protracted and sustained terrorist attack that is taking the device into consideration, but it will most likely stop intruders armed only with small arms and that can be held off until a quick reaction force arrives at the scene.


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