Remington’s New HTP Copper Rifle Ammo

    Remington HTP Copper

    Remington Arms Company announced it was adding a new line of hunting ammunition to its catalog: the HTP Copper. As one might expect from the name, these new rounds will use a copper projectile. Specifically, the company will use the Barnes Bullets TSX bullet. (Barnes and Remington both part of the Freedom Group, a firearms related holding company.) HTP stands for High Terminal Performance, suggesting excellent hollow point bullet expansion and penetration in the game animal.

    The TSX bullet is an all copper projectile with an open hollow point. It does not use a polymer tip like many of the newer lines of hunting rounds that have been introduced in recent years. Although the TSX bullets are available in a very broad range of sizes and weights, Remington is only offering seven different loads in the HTP Copper line. They are:

    • .223 Rem: 62 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • .270 Win: 130 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • 7mm Rem Mag: 140 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • 300 BLK: 130 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • .30-30 Win: 150 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • .30-06 Sprg: 168 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet
    • .308 Win: 168 grain Barnes TSX BT bullet

    The TSX bullet is also used in the Remington Hog Hammer rounds and in some of the VOR-TX loaded ammunition available directly from Barnes Bullets.

    Remington has not yet published muzzle velocities or other data on these rounds yet. Pricing ranges from $26.16/box of 20 to $42.99/box of 20.

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