Leupold Debuts the LTO QUEST Improving their Thermal Imaging Technology

    LTO Quest

    Leupold surprised lots of people in the shooting sports industry when they introduced their 1st thermal optic last October. Now they have an improved model with more functionality. The LTO Quest integrates a flashlight, thermal imager, and camera all into one unit.

    The new Leupold LTO-Quest is an advanced thermal imaging viewer and camera with a built in 300 lumen dual intensity flashlight. The rugged, rubberized body is small enough to fit in your pocket, and light enough that it won’t slow you down in the field. Featuring a 206×156 thermal sensor with a 20° field-of-view, the LTO-Quest can detect a heat signature out to 300 yards using any one if its 8 color palettes. The micro USB port is used to both charge the LTO-Quest and download any images that are stored on the included, removable micro SD card. The Leupold LTO-Quest is Designed, Machined, and Assembled in the United States and backed by the Leupold 5-Year Electronics Warranty.

    Right now this new thermal imaging device is slated to be shipping to gun stores in June/July of this year. Its current MSRP is $469 which seems appropriate for what the unit is offering. The original LTO had an initial MSRP of $874, so if you keep that in mind, the LTO Quest sounds like quite the bargain.

    The LTO Quest’s complete specification sheet can be seen below.

    LTO Quest

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