AK-47 Safety Selector Lever for an AR-15 ?

    Yes, a company called BRDC has made a prototype of an AK-47 style safety selector lever for AR-15 rifles. And it is not a “just for fun” project. It is an actual product that is being tested right now and will be available soon. This safety selector is called PROS System. PROS stands for Positive Reaction Obstructive Safety. Here is a video showing the prototype:

    When companies try to develop AR-style or similar safety selectors for AK rifles, it is understandable, because the AR-15 selector is much easier to manipulate than that of the AK-47. Of course, that depends on training and experience etc. However, the AR-15 selector is just more comfortable, faster and easier to master. So, that being said, it is a little bit hard to understand why would somebody do the opposite? I asked the same question to BRDC and I am quoting below their answer:

    BRDC feels that innovation from any sort is highly needed in the firearms industry, that being said, the BRDC PROS System (Positive Reaction Obstructive Safety System) is the adaptation of the two most lethal firearms in the world. The ergonomics of the AK47 safety coupled with the functionality of the AR15 makes perfect sense. BRDC produced the PROS system as an answer to an unasked question but feels it increases the overall functionality of the AR15 platform for the industry by allowing shooters to maintain a better grip and sight picture while operating their weapon system

    In the video, the manufacturer shows the prototype. However, the final product will be something like the computer mockup in the images below. It will be ambidextrous, but the levers will be removable so you can leave a lever only on the side you want.

    I think if they could somehow retain the AR-15 selector on the left side of the lower receiver and at the same time have the AK-style lever on the right side, then this could be a better accessory. That way you could have both AR and AK style safety selectors on the same gun. Although I suspect that it is a mechanical challenge because of the opposite axis rotation directions of the two systems.

    BRDC PROS System would be nice (at least will look nice) on AR/AK hybrid guns like the CMMG Mutant or Faxon Firearms ARAK-21.

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