3D Castings of Wound Cavities by AmVIEWnition

    A company called AmVIEWnition makes 3D castings of wound channels of different handgun cartridges. These cast wound channels are called “3D Solo Blast”. These are intended for educational purposes to better understand the terminal ballistics of different projectiles.

    Not only these castings show the effect of bullets on bare body, but also the terminal performance of the projectiles after penetrating various barriers before striking the ballistic media. The barriers include house front door, house interior wall, car door, car windshield and also heavy clothing. The caliber selection includes .22LR, .22 WMR. .380 Auto, 9x19mm, .38 Special +P, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .357 Magnum. The castings are mounted on panels, which also include some useful information: the bullet type, weight and muzzle velocity, penetration depth, wound volume in cubic inches and the picture of the recovered projectile. It would be even better if AmVIEWnition mounted the actual recovered bullets on the panels too.

    Judging by the above picture, they shoot the rounds into clay rather than ballistic gel. That makes sense because clay fixes the temporary wound cavity, which they then possibly make a mold of. The ballistic gel would of course spring back and show only the permanent wound cavity.

    AmVIEWnition sells these boards starting from a set of three, which is priced at $69. You can also buy different sets of 4 boards and the most expensive ($229) are the boards showing either different calibers comparison or the same caliber’s performance after the penetration of mentioned barriers.

    Besides their educational purpose, these could be a nice decoration on a wall of a ballistician or a firearm enthusiast like me and you.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

    Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying the history and design of guns and ammunition. He also writes for OvertDefense.com and SilahReport.com
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