Remington’s New Wheelgun Ammunition

    In an era of high capacity plastic pistols, there seems to be a trend back toward revolvers by many people. Call it a counter-culture movement if you must, but there seems to be a vigor in the wheel gun market that felt like it was missing just a few years ago.

    For example, this year I’ve seen the return of the Colt double action revolver, an expansion of the new Kimber line of revolvers and the introduction of revolver specific books like Grant Cunningham’s Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver. This is all on top of the usual introductions by Ruger and Smith & Wesson of new guns each year.

    Remington seems to be making an effort to capitalize on this trend with a new line of ammunition. Called Performance Wheelgun ammo, this new line offers 8 cartridges that are most frequently found in revolvers.

    Don’t get excited, however, if you are looking for top tier self defense ammunition. These loads aren’t developed for that purpose. Rather, the offerings in this line will come with either lead round nose (LRN) or lead semi-wadcutter bullets (LSWC) only.

    As a bit of a throwback to ’70s marketing, Remington points out that the LSWC bullet is good for making clean holes in paper targets and the primers are non-corrosive. I don’t recall the last time Remington prominently touted the Kleanbore primers as a significant feature on any of its ammo.

    Here is what is being offered:

    • .32 S&W – 88 grain LRN @ 680 fps
    • .32 S&W Long – 98 grain LRN @ 705 fps
    • .357 Magnum – 158 grain LSWC @ 1,235 fps
    • .38 S&W – 146 grain LRN @ 685 fps
    • .38 Special – 158 grain LRN @ 755 fps
    • .38 Short Colt – 125 grain LRN @ 730 fps
    • .44 Special – 246 grain LRN @ 755 fps
    • .45 Colt – 250 grain LRN @ 830 fps

    Pricing ranges from $27.59/50 for the .38 Special to $48.07/50 for the .44 Special. Of course, these are suggested retail prices. Hopefully, street prices would be significantly less.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is