Barnes Announces New VOR-TX Long Range Rifle Ammo

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Barnes VOR-TX LR

Barnes Bullets, well known for making top quality projectiles, also manufactures ammunition for handgun and rifle shooters. One of its popular rifle lines of ammo is the VOR-TX line. In addition to the original VOR-TX ammo, the company added Safari and Euro lines to compliment it. Now, the company added another niche line: the VOR-TX LR.

VOR-TX LR is a long range line of loaded hunting ammunition that uses premium components and offers excellent performance at distances beyond 700 yards. According to Barnes, the new line offers “match grade accuracy and unmatched terminal performance on game at close and extreme distances…”

These rounds use the company’s LRX bullets. The LRX is a copper projectile that has a long profile, boat tail and a polymer point in the hollow point cavity.

Each box of ammunition includes a ballistic chart that identifies the G1 ballistic coefficient and calculates velocity, drop and other variables at both sea level and 5,000 feet. Additionally, by June 1st, the company will offer G7 ballistic coefficient information and other calculations for these loads on its website.

The new loads:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor – 127 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $38.10/box of 20)
  • 7mm Rem Mag – 139 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $43.74/box of 20)
  • 7mm RUM – 145 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $63.60/box of 20)
  • 300 WIn Mag – 190 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $43.74/box of 20)
  • 300 RUM – 190 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $63.60/box of 20)
  • 338 RUM – 250 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $63.60/box of 20)
  • 375 RUM – 270 gr LRX BT (MSRP: $63.60/box of 20)
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • FOC Ewe FOC Ewe on May 05, 2017

    Time for this but no banded solids?

  • The_Champ The_Champ on May 05, 2017

    180 grain Barnes TTSX are the only bullet I've shot through my .300 win mag in the last few years. They've given me good accuracy and good terminal effect. They also have a nice high BC. I'm sure these new LR rounds will work great as well.

    Last critter I shot last hunting season was a good thick Canadian whitetail buck(at least 300 pounds). 390 yards on the range finder, shot facing head on. Hit just a tad high so missed the heart but shredded the lungs, bullet penetrated fairly deep and came to rest in the spine. The deer dropped where he stood, kicked a few times, and expired. A very humane kill on the longest shot I've ever taken at a critter.

    My father had some bad experiences with other brands of solid copper bullets but I highly recommend Barnes.