Prince Rupert’s Drop 2.0 – .22WMR & .38 SPL

    Last December, Nathaniel F. posted a YouTube video from Smarter Everyday. Destin has been studying Prince Rupert’s Drops. They are glass drops that have amazing properties. In the video he shot at the drop with a .22LR. Well now Destin has stepped it up to .22WMR and a .38SPL.

    Spoiler Alert. The drop is still bullet proof. This particular drop is rather unique in that it does not have any bubbles inside. Even when he shot the drop, you see a small piece broke off from the tail. Typically this would result in a complete self destruction sequence that looks almost instantaneous. That is until you film it with a super high speed camera. That did not happen here.


    I look forward to seeing Destin step up the next test with 7.62×39 and .223.

    Nicholas C

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