Options For Beretta’s New APX | NRA 17

    Erik Stern was kind enough to give me the low down on Beretta’s new striker fire pistol, The APX.

    Beretta is getting support from the industry right off the bat. In the photo above, ATEI performed a slide cut on an APX to mount an RMR on it.

    In order to get the RMR to mount properly, ATEI installs this slug so they can have material for the screws to hold onto.

    This discoloration is due to a rush job getting it done in time for the NRA show. With more time, you would not see that.


    Josh over at Allegheny Gun Works, near my neck of the woods, is making optic mounts that go into the rear dove tail slots. He makes mounts for Trijicon RMR and obviously Burris Fast Fire. Josh is working on a mount for the Leupold Deltapoint.

    Beretta already has their own options as well. If you take another look at the top photo, you will notice it has a threaded barrel. It is available now on their website for $220.

    One aspect of the APX, that I learned at NRA is that it is similar to the Sig P320. It has a serialized chassis.

    Which means you can change out the frame and Beretta is offering three different colors. Black, OD Green, FDE and Gray. Different color frames are available on their website for only $50.

    Boresight Solutions stippled one of the APXs on display at NRA.


    Swapping palmswells is easy.

    Right now Beretta just has different colors. Hopefully they keep expanding and offer different grip sizes and caliber conversions like Sig does with their P320.

    Beretta also has options for hi-vis mag followers.

    They are also going to have extended magazines. 21rd 9mm and 18rd .40S&W.

    In terms of iron sights you have a lot of options. You can have AmeriGlo sights.

    Or XS sights if that is more your fancy.

    They also offer fiber optic sights from LPA in Italy.

    Even APEX is making triggers for the APX.  When dry firing the APX at NRA, I noticed the trigger safety is rather pronounced. For some people this may cause trigger slap. I have experienced similar issues with my Gen 2 Glock 17 trigger.  The APEX below feels a lot better than the factory trigger. At the time I took this photo, this was simply a trigger replacement. APEX has not yet made the lighter springs for the APX.


    Beretta is running with their APX out of the starting gate. It is great to see so many options available.

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