BREAKING: Breach Bang Clear Reports Mike Lamb Is Not A Recon Marine

    There are very few in the gun community that doesn’t know the name Mike Lamb. Mike has carved a career out for himself as a trainer and all around expert largely thanks to his time in the military as well as his continued training. The report from my friend David Reeder at Breach Bang Clear that Mike Lamb is not a Recon Marine is nothing short of disappointing.

    It is hard to not feel betrayed and a bit hurt that Mike was less than honest with us about his experience. After Mike was medically retired he was recruited to work for Magpul and quickly became a leader in the Magpul family rising to the position of Director of Military Operations and became a plank holder for Magpul Dynamics, the training arm of Magpul.

    David Reeder sat down with Mike Lamb because Mike had a very heavy weight on his shoulders that he has carried for 20 years. Mike wanted to tell the world that he was not a Recon Marine and wanted to clear the air.

    I highly recommend that you read the entire post over there, Dave does a wonderful job of telling the story of Mike Lamb coming clean about his past.

    Below is a quote from the article that Dave wrote on Breach Bang Clear.

    But I was never Recon. Someone called me out on it, and I copped to it.