Aklys Defense Hybrid Suppressed Ruger 22/45 | NRA 17

    Aklys Defense is owned by Joe Meaux. You may recognize the name and face from the Sons of Guns show. Well at the NRA Annual Meeting, the brought out a new suppressed gun just in time for the show.

    Their latest product is a modified Ruger 22/45. It uses their Kopis .22LR monocore. More importantly is the modification they did to the barrel of the 22/45. They cut it down and milled some channels on the outside.

    This is what it looks like without the barrel shroud. The barrel shroud is not tight against the monocore body. So the gasses can escape toward the back of the can and diverts into the snaking expansion chamber milled into the barrel. This is sort of like a hybrid of a reflex suppressor, like the OSS and Armatac cans, and a traditional suppressor.

    Akyls tries to avoid needing specialized tools for taking apart their cans. The Kopis monocore has slots so all you need is a coin.  The barrel/suppressor shroud will be made out of titanium for the production models.

    The suppressed Ruger will retail for under $1,000. You can send your Ruger 22/45 in for the conversion and knock some of the price down. It would be the $1000 less the cost of the gun. So somewhere around $400-500 I believe. Joe was not there when I was at his booth and his employees did not know for sure about the pricing of having your Ruger modified. But for sure the whole package will be $1000.


    Just before NRAAM17 I saw a video of Joe showing off this Bolt action 9mm rifle. It is a Rock Island Armory bolt gun chambered in .22TCM. The barrel has been swapped out for a custom 9mm barrel.



    Along with suppressed guns, they brought alog some amusing items. “Applying a little science” hammer. They also made a milled sledge with the word “BAN” on the side but I did not see on at NRA.



    They also make milled whisky bombs.

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